Water Management

When designing a modern water system, the balance between efficiency, (BREEAM and LEED targets) with hygiene and water quality, Water Management System are becoming more common place Lobill WC experience in the field for over 30 years allows us to design systems to meet today’s needs, futureproofing your water system in an ever-changing climate. While the fittings (WHB, WC, SH) on the outside look similar to standard fittings what goes on in the background leads the way in helping to keep your buildings water system functioning as it should.

Some of the common features are explained below.

Temperature Monitoring

Lobill WC can fit a temperature sensors to the pipe work before the TMV3 valve or after to monitor the hot and cold or mixed temperature before or after the tmv3 valve.

This allows us to:-

Create Temperature reports

The records temperatures to showing the hottest and the coldest water that has been available to the tmv3


Our system can feed temperature info to the Building Management System


Lobill WC system can flush each fitting as per the below

Dynamic flush

The fitting will flush if it has not been used x no of hours for x length of time

Fixed hygiene flush

The fitting will flush at the same agreed time every day regardless of usage

Temperature flush

If the hot temperature goes below the agreed set point X the fitting will flush until the temperature comes back up above X If the cold temperature goes above the agreed set point X the fitting will flush until the temperature comes down below X

Thermal Flush

The system can perform a thermal flush bypassing the tmv3 valve bring full hot water out through the fitting for a set time

Flushing unused fittings helps preventing dead legs and stagnant water.


Lobill WC systems can record usage information on the number of times a fitting has been used and the number of times it has purged this allows engineers to see if fittings are required (i.e. – do we need this shower/basin?) giving them data to help make decisions.


Lobill WC can program our system to cut down misuse of the fittings if required

Remote access

Some of our system has web software when plugged in to an IP point it can be remotely accessed this allows adjustments to be cared out remotely in the building or when agreed from offsite allowing us to support the product and your staff. Not all systems have this function please contact our staff for further info

Auto Reset

The system will be programmed to restrict the number of activations of a fitting monitor each fitting if the fitting is used x number of times in a set period of time the system will lockup e.g.- at 9:00am there is 4 activations of the shower the shower will not function for a further 15min.


The system will have a switch fitted when the switch is activated the system will shut down until the switch is released e.g.- A staff member activates the switch shower will not function until the switch is released.


The fittings are only available between a set time
e.g.- the shower will only function between 7:00am ant 10:00am each day.

These can be tailored to the site needs please contact our team for further info

Data Connections

Lobill WC systems can communicate with the existing BMS systems through BacNet, ModBus and KNX giving information to generate alarms and analytics.
Not all systems have this function please contact our staff for further info